101 Things To Do Between Patients


101 Things to Do Between Patients to Grow Your Practice

The Little Black Book of Practice Tips

Even the busiest practices have those occasional rhythm-breaking gaps between patients. They turn downtime into an opportunity to work on their practice, rather than merely in it.

These 101 action steps are like having a personal coach, offering ways to improve capacity, streamline procedures, stimulate referrals and attract more new patients. These ideas keep your head in your practice—preparing, anticipating and laying the groundwork necessary so you can help more people.

Check out ideas #59 and #86 to get a flavor of the practical nature of these suggestions.

Read the book from beginning to end. Notice the fireworks going off in your head! Your mood lifts. You feel hopeful. You discover simple action steps that can extend your reach and increase your impact. Page after page of gems that focus your attention, magnetize your patient appeal, energize you and sow the seeds for practice explosion.