A Patients Point of View Book


A Patient's Point of View

The opening volley in the "patient's point of view" series, this is Mr. Esteb's first idea-packed book. Today it is required reading at many chiropractic colleges. It covers everything from shaping a patient's first visit experience and motivating staff members, to attracting more "ideal" patients and turning patients into chiropractic "clients." Includes 43 eye-opening, bite-sized chapters. Read the entire book online.

  • Five ways to motivate today's new patient (page 20)
  • Four ways to make your office more accessible (page 38)
  • Six things patients expect on their first visit (page 54)
  • Three reasons patients don't comply (page 114)
  • Why patients don't refer--and what to do about it (page 171)
  • Why it takes more than great results (page 199)