Abundant Health Book

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How to achieve your health potential. Insight from 29 dynamic health professionals. 
The health of the western world is at a crossroad; sickness is the norm. Trillions of dollars are spent annually on sickness, and vibrant health is eluding much of the population.
It's time to think and act differently about health care! A pardigm shift is needed in order to reclaim health.
Abundant Health reveals:
. a new way to look at health
. that health comes from within, not from drugs and medicines
. the science and healing art of chiropractic
. how the body is an innate intelligence capable of health
. the way to wholistic family health care
. pain is not the enemy
. the importance of the nervous system for health
. steps and strategies to regain your health
. how to heal the whole body and not just treat the disease
. the difference between vitalistic and mechanistic health care
. raising children without medication
. how to have a really natural pregnancy and birth