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Astonishing Dr. You Patient Lecture and Health Talk

Turn this incredible 60-page brochure into a compelling patient talk!

Whether you get the opportunity to deliver a short, 20-minute luncheon talk or you regularly give longer in-office patient lectures, The Astonishing Dr. You is the most down-to-earth, patient-relevant talk you'll ever give. And it's fun!

Transfer the Data File

you-ppt.jpgCopy the data file from our CD-ROM onto your computer. Edit or delete any of the slides or add your own images such as X-rays, Subluxation Station scans, pictures of your team. (You'll need your own copy of Microsoft's PowerPoint program purchased separately.)

Now you have the visuals to guide your talk and captivate your audience with passion and persuasion. But this is more than a slide show!

The Astonishing Dr. You Patient Lecture includes several interactive audience skits that will engage your audience and make the majesty and nervous system focus of chiropractic come alive. It includes everything you'll need to impress an audience of grade school children, wow a civic group or convince a crowd of senior citizens.

Nervous System Skit Props

you-props.jpgAfter obtaining two volunteers from your audience, assign one the job of being the brain, and the other to represent the stomach. Connect them using the 8' of yellow rope (included) representing the spinal cord and nerve root. (Yellow to match the color of nerves used in your anatomical model.) Show the efferent and afferent communications between brain and body using the green (normal) nerve impulse.

Ask a third volunteer to represent the interference of a subluxation by grasping onto the rope. Use the large red nerve impulse to demonstrate facilitation and the small red nerve impulse to show the effect of compression. Suddenly, your audience "gets" subluxation!

Also includes the "Bent Finger" skit demonstrating the meaning of pain, and the "Black Bean" skit showing the folly of believing the germ theory.

Just Add... You!

We include the talk outline, complete transcript of a sample talk, guidebook and the props you'll need to hold the attention and change the health attitudes of your next audience.

Frankly, until you undermine an audience's focus on blood, fear of germs and symptom-treating notion of health care, chiropractic simply remains a low-tech treatment for neck and back pain. The Astonishing Dr. You Patient Lecture changes that.

Be sure to bring copies of The Astonishing Dr. You booklet to your talk so your audience can follow along and take your message home with them to share with others.

Want a killer close? Consider adding our 3-minute Chiropractic: The Intelligent Choice video to close your talks.

Public speaking is the most powerful and least expensive way to attract high-quality new patients to your practice. Confront your fear and start growing your practice today!