Chiropractic Patientology Book


Chiropractic Patientology

If you want to grow your practice from the inside out, and you depend upon patient referrals, then start thinking like a patient! Mr. Esteb further expands some of his innovative ideas so they can be immediately implemented to improve new patient rapport and inspire more patients to embrace a "chiropractic lifestyle." Includes 46 chapters.

  • Five steps to reduce staff turnover (page 11)
  • How to compete against managed care (page 65)
  • 12 Stupid ways to mess up practice (page 77)
  • Non-fee issues that turn patients away (page 101)
  • Why the patient is the master (page 119)
  • Using "whips" and "carrots" (page 149)
  • The folly of more "research" (page 183)
  • Creating your dream practice (page 205)