Dr L John Faye Complete Full Spine And Extremity Adjusting Course Volume 1 & 2.

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Dr L John Faye revolutionized chiropractic technique of the spine, pelvis and extremities in the early 1980s, and his videos, lectures, articles and advice have taught a generation of leading chiropractors, worldwide, how to succeed in practice.

These new digitally filmed DVDs, with over 6 hours of manipulation techniques for spine and extremity adjusting have updated viewing technology, multiple camera angles for easy comprehensive learning, more palpations, and more adjustments, with up close and detailed hands on demonstrations are indispensible to any student or doctor of chiropractic. These DVDs give you the opportunity to be mentored and expands your manipulation and clinical expertise with one of the world’s most noted chiropractic experts. “Practice to Master-Learn to Heal” and provide better care to your patients and assure your practice succeeds.


“Dr Leonard Faye’s contribution to chiropractic technique is best known by the millions of patients who have benefited directly from his sharing. A skilled clinician and passionate educator without equal, Dr Faye revolutionized chiropractic technique worldwide in the early 1980s. Adjustments and analytical techniques specific to joint motion commonly used today are largely the consequence of his applications”

--Frederick Carrick, D.C, PhDF, FACCN

“As a result of Dr. Faye’s teachings I have had a waiting list of patients for year’s now- without any advertising. Most DCs will not discipline themselves to improve their skills, but most patients are looking for those whom will. Those with superior ability are always busy. Study these videos until you can teach the, material, the watch the magic happen”.

--P.A. Gale, D.C.