Spinal Curve and Posture Insert (MULTIBUY) (200 Sheets)

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Posture Analysis Report of Findings Spine Sheet Makes a Great Spinal Screening Form

4 x Pads of 50 Sheets (200 Sheets in total)
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Dramatically present postural distortions.


If your clinical focus is on posture, curve restoration and functional improvement, this is an essential ROF tool. Patients take notice when you demonstrate how disfigured they really are. That's the purpose of this popular patient handout. 

Before your report, fill in the patient’s name, date and your practice information. On the posterior view, record head tilt or range-of-motion limitations. Draw any scoliosis, uneven shoulders or unbalanced hips. Record the weights from your bi-lateral scales.

Use the lateral view to show a forward head carriage, loss of curve, spondylolisthesis or other problems. Make your orthopedic examination findings more meaningful by turning millimeters, degrees and arcs into something patients can understand. And take home with them!

After you explain your annotations, place it in the patient’s VIP Folder to take home and show others.

When completed, it might look something like the example to the right.

Do you conduct spinal screenings? Here's a great way to record your findings and present a copy for each potential new patient.

Posture Report of Findings Insert
Pad of 50
Indicate Left- or Right-Facing (shown)
8½" X 11"