What A Patient Wants Book


What A Patient Wants

After a four-year hiatus, the eighth book in the Patient's Point of View series chronicles Bill's latest thinking. As he reinvented himself and created Patient Media, he had the freedom to totally rethink patient communications.

Come along on the journey in which he abandoned the Vertebral Subluxation Complex in favor of simply subluxation, uncovered the folly of most patient education efforts and established the principles on which he founded Patient Media. Become inspired, motivated and renewed!

  • New Patients 101 (page 23)
  • Patient Education or Patient Teaching? (page 91)
  • Do You Care Too Much? (page 107)
  • Creating a Safe Place to Fail (page 115)
  • The Me in Meaning (page 143)
  • 15 Practice Marketing Ideas That Work (page 157)
  • You Talk Too Much, You Worry Me to Death (page 177)
  • Stuck in a Doctor-Centered Practice? (page 205)

"I am only on page 26, and it’s as if you were writing my life story! My practice is already affected and I had four new patients in the last week! I know I must sound like an over exuberant nut case, but after a long time of struggle its nice not to feel the pain!" ~Dr. Carla Demaray