Postage Charges

Postage is subject to various factors, such as weight, size, product value and destination. The team at Patient Media UK, are aware that no one likes to pay for postage, but unless we increase the prices on our products we have to cover our costs to send an order to you. We always try to ensure that orders are sent as cost-effectively as possible, but also have the correct level of cover and tracking options needed for that item. If you feel an order is being charged the wrong shipping, please contact us directly and we will look in to it for you. We will also check the postage charged on all orders, and if we feel its incorrect we will let you know, and put credit on your account for your next order.

Why we charge for 'free' samples

Patient Media UK products are designed for health care professionals (mainly Chiropractors) to use with their patients, to help explain the benefits Chiropractic care may bring. Some of the products require personalised annotation, patient-specific data to be entered, in depth explanation from a health care professional, or have pre-printed information specific to reactivating a patient's care, all of which make the products ineffective without.

Unfortunately the word 'free' has recently attracted the unauthorised sharing by 'freebies' websites, who have not given accurate descriptions of the products on offer, and this may be misleading. The samples used to be free for Health Care professionals to view before buying the item in packs, but the only way to prevent inappropriate requests from happening, is to charge for the samples, but offer a discount on future orders for the same value spent on samples.