Occasionally we work with other suppliers, who we think will be of interest to others in the Chiropractic profession. We will either stock their products, or supply their contact details for you to order direct from them.

They currently include: Seat Wedge Cushions by Arif Soomro; and Myofascial Correction™ by Kevin Kelly

Seat Wedge Cushions

Arif Soomro, a UK Chiropractor, has developed a new seat wedge, which gives great support at a fraction of the cost of comparable suppliers. £1 from each cushion also goes to fund research. You can view and order these straight from Patient Media UK singularly or in packs of 10, or direct from Cliffs Chiropractic

Myofascial Correction

Kevin Kelly is a UK Chiropractor based in Plymouth.

Myofascial Correction™  is defined as; A quick, logical and effective method of treating the myofascial system primarily using instrumented treatment protocols.

There are two main components to Myofascial Correction** - instrumented myofascial tissue release protocols together with Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM) protocols which have two fundamental differences from conventional IASTM treatment which are elaborated on further in our workshops.

To find out more, and to place an order, please visit www.myofascialcorrection.com