10 Ways Report Insert (1 x FREE* SAMPLE)


10 Ways to Help Us Help You Home Care Checklist

1 x A4 Sheets Sample

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This tear off sheet coordinates with the 10 Ways Poster to encourage patients to take an more active role in their recovery.

Turn passive, fix-me patients into active participants in their healing. Put the responsibility for healing back on their shoulders. Where it belongs!

Include this 8½" X 11" insert with your other report of findings documents and produce patients that get well faster and are better satisfied with their chiropractic care.

Refer to these 10 action steps when making your home care recommendations at each report. Send a copy home with every patient. Suggest that they tape it to the inside of their medicine cabinet or on their refrigerator as a reminder of you, your office and what they can do when they're not in your office to get well faster.