Answers Brochure (1 x FREE* SAMPLE)


Answers Brochure Answers Frequently Asked Questions of Patients and Spouses

1 x Brochure Sample

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The essential first visit handout.

"I'll have to check with my husband..."

The Answers to the Questions Patients Ask About Chiropractic brochure is designed to reassure your patient and most influential person in his or her life. Someone you often don’t get to meet. Their spouse!

One question from them (“What did the doctor say?”) or suspicion (“Why so many visits!?!”) can derail your budding new relationship.

That’s why you want to send this 16-page Answers brochure at the conclusion of every new patient's first visit. It answers the most common questions about chiropractic.

Questions That Many Patients Won't Ask

The Answers brochure anticipates and neutralizes 24 of the most frequently-asked, real-world questions about chiropractic. Without apology of defensiveness patients (and their spouses) get answers to the most frequently-asked questions such as...

  • How do you get subluxations?
  • Can subluxations clear up on their own?
  • Could adjustments make my spine too loose?
  • Can the bones be moved too much?
  • For how long will I need chiropractic care?
  • Will I receive any medication for my pain?
  • Read all 24 questions

These are often the questions that many new new patients are too polite (or embarrassed) to ask. Without answers, their doubts or concerns quietly fester, sabotaging rapport and follow through. Even more troubling, without answers, these questions frequently prevent many from effectively referring others because they're unable to defend their decision to see a chiropractor!

Answer Their Questions the Easy Way

Presenting the Answers brochure produces hope, confidence and respect. See greater influence and respect. Pre-empt concerns and neutralize the culturally-acquired myths, urban legends and emotional "baggage" they bring to your practice.