CLA PreScan Checklist (1 x FREE* SAMPLE)


Chiropractic Leadership Alliance PreScan Checklist

1 x A4 Sample Sheet

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Are Patients Corrupting Your EMG Scans?

Uncover patient activities that affect the accuracy and value of your EMG and thermal scans.

Add the PreScan Checklist to your scanning protocol to uncover patient activities that could distort the precision of your scans. Plus, patients get a quick education about things that negatively influence the nervous system.

  • Your new patient reveals they regularly drink three cups of coffee a day. Should you scan them anyway? (Probably, especially if this is "normal" for their nervous system.)
  • A new patient's initial scan shows no pattern of subluxation! How come? (Their PreScan Checklist reveals they took an antihistamine prior to their appointment with you.)
  • A patient appears to be getting great results. But their progress scan is lit up like a Christmas tree. How come? (Their PreScan Checklist reveals that prior to their scan they came from a workout at the gym.)

Bring greater accuracy to your scanning protocol with the PreScan Checklist. Add it to your new patient paperwork package and avoid unexplainable scans in the process. Check out our other supplies designed for Chiropractic Leadership Alliance chiropractors.