Connecting The Dots Book (A "Last Chance To Buy" Item)


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Connecting the Dots

The Unconventional Observations of a Chiropractic Advocate

The most recent installment in the "rosetta stone" needed to decode the motives and behaviors of today's patients. Reignite your passion and purpose. Get answers. Simplify your practice. Adapt to today’s changing practice environment. Complete your library today!

  • Why Patients Don’t Get It (page 29)
  • The Language of Wellness (page 25)
  • Getting In After You Get Out (page 37)
  • Chiropractic Bloodletting (page 101)
  • The Biggest Lie in Chiropractic (page 125)
  • Breaking The Rules (page 155)
  • The Embarrassing Subluxation (page 159)