Converting to Cash (2 CD's & 1 DVD) (A "Last Chance To Buy" Item)

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Chiropractic Cash Practice Step-by-Step

One hour Headspace CD, Resource CD, 5-minute patient DVD and support materials.

"I love chiropractic. But I hate insurance!"

A cash practice is the answer. But how? Will patients pay cash? What about out-of-network coverage? Will your transition to a cash practice be an orderly one that brings freedom and predictable cash flow?

Converting to Cash shows you the way home to the hassle-free cash practice you've dreamed of. Make the move away from insurance dependency with confidence.

Cash Practice Without Insurance Shock

The three-disk curriculum begins with a one-hour mini-seminar explaining the Seven Conversion Principles essential for moving away from insurance assignment. Get the “headspace,” step-by-step implementation and foundation to make the transition to cash without putting your practice into shock.

The Cash Practice Resources You'll Need

The second CD supplies the resources and support you'll need to implement the recommended procedures for a cash practice. Get the actual text, languaging, financial policy templates, telephone scripting and background information you need to leave Insurance Land. For good—regardless of what they dream up in Washington. You'll be supported and encouraged every step of the way. This is level-headed, practical advice. The kind that you've come to expect from William Esteb.

Patient Support for Your Cash Practice

The third disk is a 5-minute patient DVD featuring Bill Esteb. Watch it on Vimeo.

used-to-be-thumb.jpg"It used to be, you’d visit a doctor, wave your insurance card, sign a few forms and the bill was pretty much taken care of. But times have changed..."

Don't Shoot the Messenger explains the financial realities of paying for chiropractic care in your practice rather than relying on their carrier. (This alone is worth the purchase price!) He explains everything to your patients—so you don't have to. This has been the missing link in virtually all other so-called "cash" practice programs.

Myths About Cash Practices

A cash practice doesn't mean you can't see people who have insurance! Or that you have to hard "sell" annual care plans. Or see 500 patients a day. Don't allow these myths to obscure the simple fact that reimbursement will continue to decline. Make the transition from insurance to a cash practice on your terms. With the support of your practice members. With confidence and certainty.