First Adjustment (Diversified) Brochure (50 Brochures)


Your First Chiropractic Adjustment Brochure

1 x Pack of 50 Brochures

"Patients know what to expect and have greater respect for what I do."

“He cracks my back.”

“She just pushes on my spine and it kinda pops.”

“He gives my neck a really fast jerk!”

How do your patients describe your adjusting technique? Use this handout to explain what you do, why you do it and what they can expect from their first chiropractic adjustments.

Preframe your diversified adjusting technique by presenting this brochure before their first adjustment. Or, send it home afterwards so their expectations and referral language are more precise. Either way, make sure every patient gives your chiropractic adjustments the proper meaning and majesty.

Move patients away from "snap," "crack," and "pop" by equipping them with the words and pictures that make chiropractic care safe, simple and understandable.