How Our Practice Works Poster (18" x 24")


Do you assume the burden of pleasing patients with a speedy recovery?

Because most patients expect you to single-handedly fix them without having to lift a finger, it’s crucial that you establish clear boundaries at the beginning of their care.

That’s the purpose of the How Our Practice Works poster. Use it to organize your patient communications.

After reviewing it or the take home version during your initial consultation or later, at their report of findings, mount this wall poster in a place patients can see it on future visits.

“Why are you adjusting my neck, when it’s my lower back that hurts?” asks a patient.

You walk over to your How Our Practice Works poster and point to line number 9.

“I won’t be able to make my Wednesday appointment,” a patient confesses.

You point to line number 10.

“I kinda thought I’d be feeling better by now,” the patient observes.

You point to line number 11.

Bring consistency and simplicity to your patient communications. Set clear boundaries. Experience the joy of having engaged patients who become active partners in their care and don't expect you to do all the work!