Nerve Insert (1 x FREE* SAMPLE)


ROF Spinal Nerve Insert Shows Link Between Spinal Column and Nervous System Interference

1 x A4 sheet sample

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Be a nerve doctor, not a bone doctor!

This two-part Nerve Insert tells the real story of chiropractic! Help patients see the potential neurological impact of their spinal problem.

Rather than the unsettling 1950s illustration of all the organs spilling out, we've listed the major organs and tissues connected at each segmental level. These are simple anatomical truths, uncluttered by lists of symptoms or a mishmash of hard-to-follow lines.

Since this nerve function chart features the posterior view, the result is a wonderful symmetry and balance. (Indicate postural distortions with a red pen!)

Identify the areas where you found subluxations. Or work from the other direction, circling every occurrence of the organ or tissue that is the focus of their primary complaint.

It's a two-part carbonless form. A copy for form and a copy for you. Do you use surface EMG? Print the patient's scans on the backside!

Double the impact by using the matching nervous system wall chart.