Nerve Poster


Nervous System Chart Shows Spinal Nerves at Each Segmental Level

"I catch them studying it when I enter the exam room."

Chiropractic has always been about the integrity of the nervous system. Make the nervous system the centerpiece of your practice with this simple nerve chart.

Don't be misled by the simplicity and symmetry of this chiropractic spinal nerve chart. No other nerve function chart does the heavy lifting of linking the moving bones of the spine to specific organs and tissues. Your Nervous System Controls Everything connects with patients!

This posterior view of the nervous system offers the advantage of showing symmetry and balance. Something that older, lateral nerve charts and cause and effect nerve posters just can't deliver.

This is an updated Meric Nerve Chart that shows a simplified wiring diagram of the nervous system, unencumbered by a list of symptoms that risks advancing the notion that there's a "stomach bone" or an "asthma bone."

Avoid the complicated spinal nerve charts with a mish-mash of confusing lines and ganglia. Retire the unsettling 50-year old nerve poster with organs spilling out of the body.

Frame Your Nervous System Controls Everything nerve chart behind glass and place it in your examination room. Then, using a dry erase marker, circle the locations of vertebral subluxations, scoliosis or the areas you'll be X-raying. You'll find it an essential tool in helping practice members focus on nerves, not bones as they see the supremacy of the nervous system.

Reinforce your nerve-centric message of vertebral subluxation at the report of findings by using the handout version of this popular nervous system chart.