Pop Crack Fix Poster (18" x 24") (A "Last Chance To Buy" Item)


Pop Crack Fix Poster and the Chiropractic Adjustment

Patient respect for you and your talent are revealed in their word choices when describing your life-affirming chiropractic adjustments.

Whether out of ignorance or just a way to push your button, when patients use terms like “pop” and “crack” they diminish the meaning and majesty of your chiropractic care.

Even more significant, when patients use terms like “fix” and “cure,” their language exposes that they see your precisely-delivered adjustments as doing the healing, instead of releasing their own inborn ability to self-heal.

Either way, without equipping patients to understand these important distinctions, they’re unlikely to appreciate your talent or the true value of chiropractic.

Brighten up each adjusting room by adding this wall poster to your patient communication arsenal. Use it to stimulate a conversation about who is actually doing the healing.

Then, should patients still use inappropriate language, without a word, simply smile and point.