Regular Chiropractic Care Poster (18" x 24")


30 Reasons Why Patients Need To See You on a Regular Basis!

Our newest wall poster depicts 30 different physical, chemical and emotional stresses. Without a word from you, it helps patients appreciate the enormous amount of stress they experience. And why they need you.

On a regular basis!

Three Types of Stress

When most patients think of stress, they usually imagine emotional stress. And certainly today's busy lifestyle involves lots of that. But what about the physical and chemical stress all around them? Increase their awareness with is powerful wall graphic.

Regular chiropractic care is the key!

Make Your December's Busier

If your December's are slow (the most stressful month of the year), you need to amp up your patient awareness about stress. If you would like more nonsymptomatic patients all year long, you need to acquaint patients with the many varieties of physical, chemical and emotional stress.

Show What Causes Vertebral Subluxation

Put this poster to work for you by placing it in your adjusting room or where you give your report of findings. Help patients understand vertebral subluxation is the result of their body's attempt to accommodate physical, chemical and emotional stress.

"How long will you need chiropractic care? Until you no longer experience stress."