Roller Coaster Poster (18" x 24") (A "Last Chance To Buy" Item)


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This Chiropractic Poster Warns Those Inclined to Stop Care Too Soon

Warn patients of the dangers of discontinuing their care too soon!

You know it as the second law of thermodynamics. But to patients, it seems perfectly normal to discontinue their care once they feel better. Explain the consequences with this simple visual reminder.

"Do you like roller coasters?"

Most people have an aversion to roller coasters. Maybe it's the speed. Or the loss of control. Link this uncomfortable feeling with the consequences of discontinuing care prematurely and suffering a needless relapse.

"Over the years, we've found that patients who discontinue their care before muscles and ligaments are retrained, suffer a relapse. They start care. Stop. Suffer a relapse. Start again. Besides the inconvenience of this roller coaster lifestyle, it ends up costing them more in the long run."

Put a picture with the roller coaster section of the Road to Recovery poster and see your patient retention statistics improve dramatically!