Safety Pin


Safety Pin Cycle Springs to Life When Using This 5" Safety Pin!

1 x Safety Pin

"It makes telling the chiropractic story easy!"

Hung from a belt loop, shirt button, purse strap or key chain, this shiny, nickel-plated 5-inch safety pin is the perfect way to stimulate conversations.

“What’s the big safetypin for?”

“Oh this?” you ask, removing it from your belt loop and reclasping it.

What follows is a quick explanation of chiropractic, describing normal efferent and afferent nerve control between brain and body with the safety pin closed. Unclasping it, you explain the concept of subluxation and how the spine can interrupt, disturb or distort crucial nerve communications. Here's some suggested scripting to get you started.

In less than 30-seconds, you’ve satisfied their curiosity, demonstrated the nervous system focus of chiropractic with a simple visual aid and explained why chiropractic has helped those with problems other than headaches and back pain.

At the end of your explanation during “Safety Pin Week” each month, be prepared to hand out your business card with a smaller, 2-inch safety pin threaded through two holes punched in your business card. “Here, tell someone else why safe and natural chiropractic works so well.”

Become a walking pattern interruption. Have some fun with it! Save when you buy two or more for each adjusting room in your office. A great gift idea!