Stress Poster (18" x 24") (A "Last Chance To Buy" Item)


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The Chiropractic Stress Poster That Shows the Cause of the Cause!

"Stress is so common many patients take it for granted!"

Most patients don’t realize there are three types of stress.

Most patients encounter stress so frequently they think it’s normal.

Most patients don’t get the results they could because of their stressful lives.

Except your patients! Place this one in your report room or adjusting area and help patients realize some of the most common physical, emotional and chemical stressors in their lives.

You might invite a patient over to your poster and ask, “How many sources of stress can you find?”

There are more than you think. We count at least 16 of them:

  1. The physical stress of improper lifting.
  2. The emotional stress of moving.
  3. The physical stress of cradling the phone with a shoulder.
  4. The emotional stress of having too many phones.
  5. The physical stress of wearing high heel shoes.
  6. The emotional stress of credit card debt.
  7. The emotional stress of relationships (marriage).
  8. The emotional stress of depression.
  9. The chemical stress of coffee.
  10. The chemical stress of artificial sweetener.
  11. The chemical stress of tobacco.
  12. The chemical stress of prescription medications.
  13. The chemical stress of vaccines.
  14. The physical stress of an injection.
  15. The chemical stress of alcohol.
  16. The chemical stress of junk food.

If subluxation is the centerpiece of your practice, that's great. Now, make the identification and reduction of the cause of subluxations the focus of your patient education! Here's a wall graphic that can help you broach the subject.

Coordinates with our Stress brochure.