Thank God Its Monday Book


Each week since September of 1999 Bill has been sending Monday Morning Motivation emails to subscribers around the world.

That’s over 1,000 messages!

Bill has selected 234 of the very best to include in this intense 240-page book. Each short, 150-word message explores some aspect of the patient relationship. Thought provoking to be sure. From time to time even convicting, but just as often, affirming.

It’s not your ordinary book. Each message is arranged in chronological order. Bill has included the page numbers of other messages that explore a similar subject or theme. This “concordance” feature gives you hundreds of different ways to read the book.

Every time you do, you’ll find something different.

  • Get inspired before seeing your first patient of the day
  • Read it during breaks in your schedule to stay focused
  • Kick off your staff meetings to stimulate conversations
  • Use it for “state management” between patient visits
  • Consult it whenever you need an encouraging reminder

Plus, each page has an area reserved for your insights and observations. Capture a thot flash or jot down an action step for your next staff meeting.