Wellness Wheel Insert (50 A4 Sheets)


Wellness Wheel for Wellness Assessment

1 x A4 Pad containing 50 Sheets

With the Wellness Wheel you're a wellness coach, not a spine mechanic!

If you want more people showing up for wellness care you must do two things:

  • Talk about wellness
  • Measure wellness

The Wellness Wheel assessment handout is a self-administered wellness inventory tool that gives you the opportunity to do both. This "health wheel" has seven spokes. One for each major component on the wheel of wellness. (Can the Wellness Wheel help prevent suicide?)

The Wellness Wheel is the "Oswestry" of Wellness

The wheel reveals that wellness is far more than just being pain free and enjoying optimum neurological function!

The Wellness Wheel is the perfect “homework” for the first or second visit as they rate their health from 1 to 10 in seven different areas on the wheel: physical, financial, family, social, career, spiritual and mental.

Now you have a baseline before their care gets into full swing.

Later, just prior to their progress examination, have them complete a fresh copy of "The wheel of life" again. At your report, discuss the changes that you observe in the wheel. Slow recovery? Uncover the stresses in the other areas of their life. You may even want to support your observations with a copy of the Stress brochure or Wellness Care brochure.

Use the Wellness Wheel for Reactivations

Plus, the Wellness Wheel is a great tool to spur reactivations at first-of-the-year resolution time and on birthdays. Include a copy with a cover letter describing the Wellness Wheel and your focus on wellness. Use the Wellness Wheel to help everyone see how your care improves their life, not just their spine!

Be the hub, not merely a spoke!