You and Chiropractic Brochure (50 Brochures)


You & Chiropractic Brochure

1 x Pack of 50 Brochures

Your New Favorite Chiropractic Brochure!

The short attention spans of today's patients means you get an excruciatingly short amount of time to explain chiropractic. Plus, many patients use a "browsing" technique acquired by their time on the Internet, further compounding your communication challenge.

The 12-page You & Chiropractic brochure handles the task with ease!

You've never seen anything like it. Neither have patients.

Patients are drawn to the unusual cover. Inside, notice the arresting metaphors. The single, easy-to-read sentence on each page. And the gorgeous storybook style that inspires patients and prospective new patients.

Explain chiropractic simply and persuasively:

  • By including a copy in your welcome letter
  • As a first- or second-visit patient handout
  • At screenings or practice outreach events
  • With birthday cards or New Year's greetings
  • As an enclosure with a reactivation letter
  • Whenever you need to explain chiropractic

While it fits in your brochure rack and complements your other Patient Media brochures, this is one brochure you'll want to personally put in the hands of every patient.

"If you ever need to explain chiropractic to your spouse or someone at work, you might find this helpful."