Your Spine and Nervous System Brochure (50 Brochures)


Your Spine & Nervous System Brochure

1 x Pack of 50 Brochures

It's a Workhorse That's Sure to Become Your Favorite!

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Fits in your brochure rack and unfolds to a life-size human spine showing lateral and posterior views!

No other brochure demonstrates the relationship between the spinal column and nervous system function so dramatically. Give patients a greater appreciation of the importance of proper spinal curves, posture and its affects on whole-body health.

When it's not in your brochure rack, it unfolds to a life-size human spine, ready to convince a spouse or persuade a friend to begin care in your practice.

The lateral view shows the ideal spinal curves, proper disc spacing and the text describes 32 key distinctions about the spinal column. (The fold down the center aligns with the four benchmarks familiar to CBP practitioners.)

The posterior view shows the major neurological connections at each segmental level. The cause of their symptoms, both local and peripheral to the spine, becomes glaringly obvious. The simple premise of chiropractic comes alive–all without a word from you.

Use it as a...

Report Handout. Link the spinal column to neurological function by showing which organs and tissues are serviced at each segmental level.

Screening Tool. On the posterior view, use a marking pen to show a scoliosis. Use the lateral view to show their loss of cervical curve or forward head carriage.

Lecture Giveaway. Make sure your audience understands that chiropractic is about the integrity of the nervous system, not the bones of the spine.

School Presentation. Students of all ages love the way this brochure unfolds, gaining a new appreciation for the supremacy of their nervous system.

Reactivation Prompt. Include a copy with a reactivation letter, circling the areas that you used to adjust. "Next time these areas act up, be sure to give us a call…"

Featured Brochure. Here's a life-size human spine that fits in your brochure rack and contains dozens of fascinating facts about the spine and its relationship to optimal health.

As chiropractic brochures go, it is among the most versatile, producing patient epiphanies by linking spinal structure to nervous system function.